The Mentor/Protégé platform 

Discover A Mentor is designed to facilitate matches, bring people together remotely and then get out of their way so sharing, development and trust building can happen naturally. 


Easy Process

We’ll get started by learning a little bit about you and finding out more about what you are looking for in a Mentor.


Ideal Connection

Next, we’ll help you find the best match for your needs. This will allow you to dig-in and start to accelerate your development quickly.



With our Pathfinder Protocol, the process is built in to establish robust development plans complete with measurable outcomes and agreed upon due dates. 


Meaningful Results

Skills matched to needs, a trusted growth partnership with built-in development objectives and a schedule to get them done by. All of this will equal breakthrough results.


Charlie Guild

Charlie Guild

Co-Founder, CEO

Having a deep background in Mentoring, change management and operational excellence, Charlie has developed and conducted training, mentored and consulted for over three decades, on three continents and in over a dozen countries.

Janice Serpico


With a passion for employee engagement and development, Janice has spent the last 30 years consulting and working globally to develop programs, processes, and systems supporting all facets of human resources.

Kim Bybjerg


Particularly adept in developing and executing on global go-to-market, commercial and product strategies, Kim has held International senior executive leadership positions in various companies within IoT, AI, mobile and data/telco infrastructure services.

Trina Gizel


Mentoring, both as a mentor and protégé, has been pivotal to my career and success. I have been fortunate to work for organizations that had formal mentorship programs and I benefited tremendously, both personally and professionally.