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What’s your current-state?

Find out where you are and how we can help.

Whether your company is in the early stages of developing a mentoring program, or wants to make an existing one better, we can help. Which of the following best describes where your company is currently?

Challenges we’re ready to help you meet

It’s never been more important to attract, foster and retain the right talent – and we can help.


Bench Strength

Gain bench-strength and eliminate the shortage of key in-house skills by developing emerging leaders.

Succession Planning

Strategically, a strong succession planning process is critical to attracting and retaining top talent.

Reduced Turnover

If turnover, or worse, high levels of disengagement are causing you pain, we can help you flip that script.

Inexpensive and Quantifiable

You won’t be asked for large sign up fees. Our pay-as-you-go model allows you to opt out at your discretion.

Why is a mentoring solution so critical?

In the US alone, it’s estimated that over 70% of all employees are unhappy in their job, leading to high levels of disengagement. And disengaged employees have on average 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity, and 15% lower profitability. Further, there is an estimated loss of 34% in annual salary for disengaged employees, equaling over $500 billion dollars a year in lost productivity.

Discover A Mentor is the right partner.

If engagement, rentention, associate development, new skills introduction and developemnt or succession planning are things you are focused on, we are your perfect partner.

We’ve been built from the ground up to help companies take on these challenges and win in the marketplace.

By design, we provide mentors with the skills and capabilitieis you’re looking for. If it’s to help an emerging leader, a “high-potential” taking on their next challenge, or a new C-suite member, with Discover A Mentor you’ll find the matches your looking for in a way that is low-risk and affordable.

The Benefits of Being Discover A Mentor company 

Companies involved with Discover A Mentor select from a large group of well vetted mentors often times bring forward skills and knowledge not otherwise easily accessible to member companies. Protégés, working with their mentor, create personalized development plans, goals and key metrics.


Are the mentors employees of Discover A Mentor?

Mentors are independent contractors but they’re well-vetted before ever being matched with a Protégé. All Mentors must submit to a background check and provide references, which are verified.

How can you ensure that the mentors are good and trustworthy?

A few ways. It starts with the background and reference checks. Next Mentors agree to adhere to the Discover A Mentor code of conduct. Finally, they’re continually assessed through the character-based performance rating system.

Why would a company want to join?

  • Dozens of vetted Mentors (and growing), ensuring plenty of choices, including those with expertise that companies don’t have.
  • Easy, no risk enrollment, no time or financial commitments are necessary.
  • Special pricing considerations available.
  • Mentoring best-practices. Discover A Mentor has taken the often nebulous, and difficult-to-quantify skill of mentoring and made it a focused, objective driven exchange that is highly quantifiable and engaging for both the Mentor and the Protégé

What are the risks associated with becoming a member company?

We have done our best to consider all your risks, instead of pretending they don’t exist. These are the top risks we considered – and the solutions we offer. If you find this list incomplete, please let us know.

  • Risk: The Mentors are unknown to us.
    • Solution: We strive to offer a wide variety of Mentors. That includes people at various levels in their own career, from all backgrounds of training and experience, and from all walks of life. All our Mentors go through a background check, submit references that are verified, and the feedback, and the ratings and feedback they receive from Protégés and companies is closely monitored. 
  • Risk: We won’t understand the value of what we’re paying for.
    • Solution: We understand that far too often the money spent for training and development feels like it falls into a black hole. We too have sent others to conferences once a year for only marginal value. Understanding objectives and goals, quantifying progress and successfully hitting key milestones are priorities built into our Pathfinder Protocol.
  • Risk: Paying a Mentor seems wrong, they should want to do it.
    • Solution: Wanting to be a Mentor is a vital ingredient to success. We agree. We also understand though that long-term sustainability is oftentimes critical as well. As senior leaders in our own right, we’ve come to see firsthand that people pay attention to do what they’re incentivized to do. We pay Mentors and let their performance merit how much they earn.
  • Risk: Our company secrets will get out.
    • Solution: While it is virtually impossible to overcome bad actors, Mentors have all agreed to our strict code of ethics. Furthermore, Protégés are encouraged to maintain company confidentiality guidelines and policies. 
  • Risk: Your mentors are going to steal our best people.
    • Solution: Similar to the concern over company secrets, bad actors may still violate our code of ethics, but Mentors know violations are cause for their termination.

What if we only want our mentors to interact with protégés from within our company?

Sure, we can do that. In this “closed ecosystem” solution, organizations are welcome to engage with us in a way that keeps matches between Mentors and Protégés within your company. This solution works best for companies with large employee populations and multiple locations.

But we already have an in-house program, why would we work with Discover A Mentor?

We offer 3 key benefits all companies can enjoy. Using Discover A Mentor to supplement your current program may just be that added spark to your program needs.

  1. Less mentor fall-out. Our mentors get paid and incentivived to stay engaged. We have found that too often recognition or promotion incentives alone aren’t sustainable long-term.
  2. We have the flexibility to help in a closed-ecosystem environment where Mentors and Protégés both come from within your company, an open ecosystem where all matches are with mentors from outside of your company, or a blended model of both if that’s what works best for your situation.
  3. Because our mentor network is vast, Protégés and their supervisors can choose from Mentors far removed from your company. This provides the ability to avoid matches of Protégés with their supervisor’s colleague and/or lunch buddy, making it easier for the Protégé to be honest and authentic and have a higher level of trust.