Janice Serpico

With a passion for employee engagement and development, Janice has spent the last 30 years consulting and working globally to develop programs, processes, and systems supporting all facets of human resources.

Janice has worked as an executive for small agricultural cooperatives and large global fortune 50 companies. Her work has spanned over 23 countries.

Janice loves focusing on bettering employee’s work experience providing innovative solutions that are impactful and engaging. She currently lives with her husband in Missouri and is a board member and volunteer for a food bank that provides millions of pounds of food to individuals with food insecurity.

My Thoughts on Mentoring

I have been truly blessed in my career and my life. I have had many people take me under their wing and teach me how to fly. This may sound a bit corny, but like a baby bird, sometimes I had to be pushed out of the nest and sometimes I didn’t listen and forgot to flap my wings, but my mentors would dust me off and challenge me to try again.

It is hard to be a Protégé because you must be willing to take risks, to listen, and to change. Let’s face it jumping out of a nest or into a new role with a new manager, new company, and/or a new team is very scary!! Having a mentor that you can trust unconditionally, bounce ideas off, and that will give you an unbiased perspective is amazing and hard to find!

I am so excited about Discover A Mentor because it gives Protégés access to Mentors from all over the world, who can help navigate issues, bring clarity of thought, and challenge the status quo. It provides a pathway for people to connect that may otherwise never have met. Some of my best mentors where from other countries and cultures. They taught me a lot and helped me to realize that how I saw the world was very myopic.

Discover A Mentor gives mentors new challenges to face, and new areas to impact. Just being able to help someone else, to learn and participate in thought provoking issues, and to feel like your experience is valued is so exciting it brings a smile to my face.

Mentoring is all about personal connection and growth. It is what we all strive to have and do each day.