Kim Bybjerg

Kim has a strong background in developing global go-to-market strategy and commercial and product strategy, as well as the execution of those strategies. Kim has held International senior executive leadership positions in various companies within IoT, AI, mobile and data/telco infrastructure services. His is passionate about developing and growing international business with high performance teams. He is an INSEAD Alumni and Danish of origin but is currently living in Frankfurt.

My Thoughts on Mentoring

I have worked in international organizations all my career and have mostly grown by learning from others in an informal way, often missing the “formal” mentoring. I’ve always had to rely on an individual’s informal time and energy to have discussions. Lately, I have served companies with formal coaching routines, ones where all employees have coaching sessions with their manager- but let’s be honest, not all managers have the capacity or the time to also be good coaches. And often as a Protégé, it’s difficult to show vulnerability to your boss.

Being truly driven by the vision of growing individuals and teams, I’ve still often missed the option to offer employees quality mentoring. Discover A Mentor is the partner that was missing throughout my career, both as an option to offer to my team members and also for my personal development.

I am so excited about what we’re making available at Discover a Mentor to Protégés, Mentors and participating companies; a global network of expertise and a wealth of experience. As a Protégé, we can help you navigate issues, bring clarity of thought, and challenge the status quo at a time that suits your schedule best. As a Mentor, you’re able to become part of a global community with very diverse areas of expertise, and you can grow your mentoring career personally and professionally by learning from your peers. Plus, you have the flexibility to make this a full-time or a part-time job depending on your personal preferences. As a participant company, Discover A Mentor offers low-risk sign-up and high reward though having great Mentors available globally.

The greatest reward of mentoring to me is that it’s all about using past experience to help others develop and grow, while at the same time, personally gaining more experience and continuing to learn by helping others overcome and learn from their challenges.