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Pay it forward. And get paid. What does it mean to be a mentor? Over the course of your career you’ve honed your professional skill set and made great connections, and perhaps you even had help from a mentor of your own. If you’re looking for an opportunity to give back by helping others refine their skills and navigate career goals, we encourage you to apply to be a mentor through our platform. On Discover a Mentor, you’ll be matched with a protégé based on your background and their needs. The benefits of being a mentor include: 
  • Connecting one-on-one with a protégé via secure video conferencing
  • Providing guidance and support based on your protégé’s goals
  • Engaging in flexible, short-term commitments
  • Earning supplemental income from each mentor/protégé session
  • The opportunity to build and grow your own mentoring business
Join a global network of mentors with a wide variety of experience and industry knowledge, and start providing trusted, one-on-one, professional support today.