Pathfinder Protocol

It’s the Protocol that makes it work

At Discover A Mentor, we have developed the 5 attribute “Pathfinder Protocol” and as simple and intuitive as it is, you will not find it anywhere else.

1. Mentoring Variety

Mentors come from many walks of life, some with advanced degrees, others without. Regardless of where they came from, they are all vetted and what they all have in common is that they are honest, trustworthy, and respectful as well as being smart and effective communicators.

2. Low-risk Solution

Whether it’s a company enrolling their emerging leaders to find their best match, or individuals that are looking for a superlative Mentor on their own, Discover A Mentor is a low-risk and inexpensive solution.

3. Development Plan and Goals

Quantifiable results matter. That’s why goal setting and development plans are established, focused on and followed for every matched pair. 

4. Trustworthy Communication

Trust-based communication channels are well established between Mentor/Protégé and (if applicable) between Mentor and the sponsoring company. Confidentiality is respected, allowing the Protégé to open up and be honest and vulnerable without fear that the conversation is being shared.

5. Measurable Results

If it’s not measured, it won’t be improved. That’s why our Mentors work hard up front to help establish desired improvement results and the associated means to measure and track the outcomes.